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Northridge Car Accident Statistics

The Los Angeles neighborhood of Northridge might be best known for the 6.7 magnitude earthquake that was centered there in 1994. But for the 60,000 people who call it home, Northridge represents a highly diverse community at the heart of the San Fernando Valley.

Northridge has long been a center of commerce and suburban living, home to the Northridge Fashion Center and California State University, Northridge. Unfortunately, however, the community is also the site of dozens of car accidents each year.

Northridge sits near the center of four major freeways and highways—the 405 to the east, 27 to the west, 118 to the north, and 101 in the south. Major arterial roads such as Tampa Ave and Nordhoff St link the four freeways to residences in the Valley in a grid-like formation.

Northridge’s high residential population leads to crowded roads during rush hour, and reckless drivers tend to speed down the Valley’s wide, straight streets. Because of this, Northridge is home to some of the most dangerous intersections in the state.

In 2018, two separate studies found the Northridge intersection at Devonshire St and Reseda Blvd the most dangerous in California. Time Magazine looked at 10 years of data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, while a team from Cal State Northridge looked at the Traffic Injury Mapping System. They came to the same conclusion: between 2006 and 2016, 108 traffic accidents took place at this intersection alone.

Other particularly dangerous intersections are located nearby: Nordhoff St and Balboa Blvd, and Lindley Ave and Roscoe Blvd.

Were you in a car accident in Northridge?

A car accident can alter the course of your life in an instant. One minute you could be driving down the street you take to work every day, and the next minute you could be saddled with a wrecked car and severe, possibly life-threatening injuries.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident in Northridge, you deserve to have your life restored. And with a trustworthy legal advocate on your side, you can rest assured that in times of tragedy you will receive the medical, financial and emotional recovery you need.

PARRIS Law Firm is here to fight fearlessly for you. Get your FREE case review with our legal team today.

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Why Our Northridge Car Accident Lawyers?

PARRIS Law Firm was founded in 1985 by esteemed trial attorney R. Rex Parris. In the 37+ years since our founding, our attorneys have amassed the experience, expertise, and resources to handle even the most complex cases—with exceptional results.

Throughout the firm’s nearly four decades in operation, PARRIS attorneys have developed a 99% success rate and secured $1.9 billion in wins for clients. Our relentless drive and client-first approach has led thousands of Californians to trust us with their claims.

Proven Track Record of Results

Vehicle accidents are tragedies—one negligent driver can permanently alter the course of someone’s life. That’s why our Northridge car accident attorneys fight relentlessly on behalf of victims, regularly winning seven-, eight-, and nine-figure verdicts and settlements for accident victims.

Here are some of our clients’ stories:

  • Several years ago, two brothers were heading north on Highway 14 to Mammoth when a big rig drifted out of his lane, hitting the brothers head-on. The truck driver had a history of accidents and a criminal record that included a DUI. Despite this, the trucking company allowed the driver to work for them. PARRIS attorneys fought fiercely for the brothers, eventually securing a $56.5 million verdict on their behalf.
  • In another case, our client—a CHP officer—was riding his motorcycle on the 5 freeway when a distracted driver rear-ended him, ejecting him from his motorcycle. Our client’s severe injuries significantly reduced his capacity to work, forcing him to seek costly medical care for the rest of his life. Though the at-fault driver’s insurance company attempted to avoid facing the PARRIS team in trial, our attorneys ensured that our client saw justice. And they did—after a six-week trial, the jury awarded our client $49.6 million.
  • Another PARRIS client was violently rear-ended by a big rig in Chatsworth, causing his car to roll over three times. The accident left our client with a traumatic brain injury and injuries to his neck and back. After a two-week trial, the PARRIS team fought for a $7.4 million jury verdict on his behalf.
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With Us, It’s Personal

When founding attorney R. Rex Parris was just a boy, his father lost a leg in a tragic motorcycle accident. After this, Rex dedicated his life to fighting for victims of accidents. “From the day we started, we’ve known that injured victims desperately need great lawyers to represent them. Without that, they can’t restore the balance in their family. That is why I have committed my life to helping people overcome the physical and financial burdens that result from an accident.”

Since then, Rex has been recognized as one of the best trial lawyers in the nation. Acknowledged by Best Lawyers®, Super Lawyers, the Litigation Counsel of America, and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Rex is widely recognized as an expert in his field. He regularly teaches at continuing legal education seminars, guest lectures, and other speaking engagements.

Foremost in Client Care

When you choose PARRIS to represent you, you aren’t just hiring a lawyer—you’re hiring a team. Our investigators will look closely into your case, ensuring that we account for every detail. Your case manager will arrange your care and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. And your litigation team—including a litigation assistant, a paralegal, and an attorney—will fight the insurance company on your behalf, ensuring that you see justice.

Our client care coordinators will keep you informed at every step of your case so that you are never left in the dark.

No Fees Until We Win

Part of our commitment to clients is looking out for your financial needs.

When you’re hurt in a traumatic car accident, we believe you should focus on your recovery—not on the cost of the legal services you need. Therefore, PARRIS lawyers work on contingency, meaning you’ll pay absolutely no fees unless we win your case.

PARRIS is here for you. Schedule a free case consultation with our legal team today.

The lawsuit following the Porter Ranch Gas Leak has finally settled for $1.8 billion.

Fighting for Northridge Since 2015

If you live in Northridge, the PARRIS name may be familiar to you. That’s because we’ve represented thousands of Porter Ranch, Chatsworth, and Northridge residents in the wake of the Aliso Canyon gas leak in 2015.

From October 2015 to February 2016, SoCalGas allowed thousands of tons of methane, ethane, and other gases to escape into the San Fernando Valley, sickening residents and forcing hundreds of families to relocate.

After a six-year legal battle, the PARRIS Law Firm, together with other plaintiffs’ law firms, settled with SoCalGas and their parent company, Sempra Energy, for $1.8 billion.

Whether your well-being is threatened by a multi-billion dollar energy corporation or a single negligent driver, PARRIS Law Firm is ready to fight for the rights of Northridge families.

Why Do I Need an Attorney in Northridge After an Accident?

If the car accident wasn’t your fault, you’re likely entitled to compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Their insurance may approach you with an initial settlement offer, and you may be tempted to accept it just to be done with the whole ordeal.

However, these initial settlement offers from insurance companies are often not enough to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and the inability to do many of the things that made life enjoyable before the accident.

It’s important to understand that insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind. If you handle your case on your own, the at-fault driver’s insurance company may take advantage of your lack of representation to reduce the cost of your claim. This benefits their profit margin but reduces the compensation you may need to restore your life.

When an insurance company places profits over people, you’ll need a legal advocate who will fight for your interests alone.

The car accident attorneys at PARRIS Law Firm are experts at securing fair compensation for our clients. We know how to fight insurance companies and win the battle for your rights.

Call us today to discuss your case for free.

Common Car Accidents in Northridge

A large amount of foot and vehicle traffic along Northridge’s busy arterial streets leads to tragic, all-too-frequent accidents. Some of the common vehicle-related accidents in Northridge include:

  • Rear-end accidents, which occur when a driver fails to stop in time and crashes into the car in front of it.
  • T-bone accidents, which occur when a driver fails to yield for traffic and crashes into the side of another vehicle in a “T” shape.
  • Sideswipe accidents, which occur when a driver fails to check their blind spot and strikes the side of another vehicle.
  • Pedestrian accidents, which occur when a speeding vehicle fails to stop for a crosswalk or sidewalk and strikes a pedestrian.


All of these accidents are avoidable, yet negligent drivers continue to fail to keep the people around them safe.

What can I recover in a car accident lawsuit?

Thankfully, in the event of a car accident, the law allows victims to recover damages from the at-fault driver. These damages can include:

  • Medical bills, including those for hospital visits, prescriptions, and visiting specialists;
  • Damage to your car or the items in your car;
  • Lost wages, including any future income lost due to your injuries;
  • Emotional and physical pain and suffering due to you accident; and
  • Loss of consortium damages for your family (the damage incurred by a loss of companionship)

When you need a car accident attorney in Northridge after a car accident, hire a firm you can trust to get the results you need. Hire a firm with experience, passion, and relentless drive.

Hire PARRIS, and we’ll fight fearlessly for you.

Speak with our legal team about your case today.


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