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Wrongful Death Jury Verdict

PARRIS recovered a $2,750,000 car accident wrongful death jury verdict after a three-week trial on behalf of an 18-year old man who was hit in a car accident by another car driver on Sierra Highway.

Our client was driving southbound on Sierra Highway in Palmdale, CA. Without warning, a utility truck pulled out in front of the northbound car driver, failing to yield to oncoming traffic and making a left turn out of a railroad driveway. This caused the defendant car driver to swerve left across the highway lanes into oncoming traffic, causing the head-on collision with our client.

The car driver who hit our client’s car got out of his car to provide aide to our client, while the truck driver that pulled in front of him fled the scene of the accident.

Tragically, our clients’ son was pronounced dead at the hospital about three hours after the accident.

The jury found that the utility truck failed to yield to oncoming traffic from the private railroad driveway, causing the car accident by blocking two lanes of the highway and causing the defendant car driver to swerve his car into our client. The jury also found that the defendant car driver was driving at an unsafe speed. Therefore, the jury awarded $2,750,000 to our client in this wrongful death case.

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