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Wrongful Death Drunk Driver
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Wrongful Death Drunk Driver Settlement

PARRIS obtained a $4 million wrongful death settlement on behalf of the family of a 21-year old who was killed by a drunk driver in an early-morning car accident.

The drunk driver had parked at a park and ride lot earlier in the night, and taken a party bus to a nightclub from the lot. While at the nightclub he became intoxicated, took the party bus back to the park and ride lot, and got into his car and drove away.

Evidence shows that the drunk driver was driving approximately 90 miles per hour or more when he exited the park and ride lot and crashed into the victim a couple of blocks later. This crash led to a massive car fire. The victim was burned to death.

The victim—a 21-year-old man—was driving home from his nighttime security job when he was killed—only 1 1/2 miles from his home where he lived with his parents. The drunk driver was convicted of second degree murder and held civilly accountable for the harms that he caused to the wrongful death victim and his family.

Other notable PARRIS case results that involved a drunk driver include a $21 million verdict on behalf of three family members hit buy a drunk driver, and a $6.5 million settlement on behalf of a woman hit by a drunk driver.

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