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Truck Accident Verdict Against CRST, Inc.

This horrific truck accident happened in July 2014 when two brothers were on their way to their family’s annual fishing trip in Mammoth Lake, California. They were driving through a construction zone on northbound State Route 14 when the southbound CRST big rig driver crossed over the yellow line and right into the brothers’ path, hitting them head-on at a very high rate of speed.

After a 16-day trial, the PARRIS trial team and attorneys Brian Panish and Matthew Stumpf of Panish Shea & Boyle LLP secured a massive $56,556,953 verdict against trucking giant CRST’s driver. This 2018 victory was for two brothers who were severely injured when CRST’s driver crossed into their lane and caused a horrific head-on collision.

Another notable truck accident case result obtained by PARRIS includes a $7.4 Million truck accident verdict for a man whose car was struck from behind by a big rig.

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