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Sales Managers Class Action Settlement

PARRIS represented a group of California sales managers in a class action wage-and-hour lawsuit against one of the largest distributors of plumbing supplies, fire and fabrication products, and waterworks in the United States.

The sales managers (as well as branch managers, satellite managers, and showroom managers) were paid by their employer on a salaried basis, and as a result did not receive overtime wages, meal and rest breaks, or compensation for missed meal and rest breaks. The sales managers alleged that they were misclassified under California law, in part because the job duties that they spent their work days performing were not managerial duties.

Some of those sales duties included: cold calling to generate sales leads, writing up sales orders, cashiering, organizing the warehouse, receiving deliveries of materials and products, reloading shelves, driving forklifts, performing customer service by assisting customers in store and answering customer questions over the telephone, delivering products and materials to customers, making bank deposits, creating invoices, and other duties. The sales managers alleged that it was the defendant’s fundamental company culture that required the sales managers to work overtime without being paid any overtime wages, in addition to forcing them to work through meal and rest breaks.

PARRIS recovered $7,000,000 for the managers in a class-wide settlement of this wage-and-hour misclassification case. Other notable PARRIS settlements obtained on behalf of misclassified employees include a $135,000,00 settlement on behalf of claims adjusters as well as a a $125,000,000 settlement on behalf of insurance adjusters.

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