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$3M Poultry Processing Worker Settlement

PARRIS lawyers obtained a $3 Million class action settlement on behalf of hourly-paid poultry processing workers in California. 

The workers were required to wear personal protective gear and to sanitize it themselves before any direct contact with food. They had to collect and don multiple items of protective gear, sanitize it, walk to the time clocks, wait in line, and clock in before heading to the production floor. 

At the end of their shifts, they clocked out, sanitized and removed their gear, and sometimes took the gear home to wash it.

The workers were paid from a master time card that was based off of when the production line began and ended for each work period, not for the time that they were actually working. 

The workers were given 30 minutes for meals which was not enough time to leave the production line, remove the gear, sanitize it, and eat their lunches. They were deducted 30 minutes of pay for their meal breaks whether or not they were actually able to take a 30 minute meal period. They were not paid any premium pay for missed or shortened meal periods. 

The employer also charged the poultry processing workers for having to replace their protective gear and deducted these costs from the employee’s paychecks without telling them beforehand when and how these deductions would occur. 

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