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Pedestrian Injury Settlement – Antelope Valley

PARRIS recovered a $14,885,000 pedestrian injury settlement on behalf of an 11-year old girl who was hit by a car and suffered a severe brain injury while attempting to cross a street in the Antelope Valley.

She had gone to a friend’s house to do homework and was walking home at about 5:30 p.m. in the evening when she was hit by a car. There were no traffic lines, street lights, stop signs, or any other traffic controls for several miles leading up to the intersection where the accident occurred.

Our client was forced to cross six lanes of traffic without these traffic controls as there were no crosswalks, stop lights, or stop signs in the area. She suffered a punctured lung, severe brain injury, and fractures to her face, arm, pelvis, and leg. Our client was hospitalized for five months and continues to live with the mental, physical, and emotional impairments caused by this unfortunate accident.

Other notable PARRIS pedestrian accident case results include a $5 million settlement for a minor who was hit by a car while walking her dog, and a $4 million settlement for two young girls walking the in the street at night who were hit by a car.

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