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Insurance Adjusters Class Action Settlement

PARRIS lawyers obtained a $12.3 Million settlement on behalf of insurance adjusters against their employer, an insurance company.

The insurance adjusters’ job duties included the adjustment, investigation, and analysis of the monetary worth of any claim made to their employer for bodily injury, property damage, or monetary damage in California.

The insurance adjusters were misclassified as salaried employees, and as a result, their employer failed to pay them overtime pay, provide meal and rest breaks, or pay premium payments for missed meal and rest breaks. Employees are misclassified when they are typically performing the same types of duties as the employers’ hourly-paid employees, but are instead paid on salary so that the employer can avoid providing the salaried employees the wage protections and benefits given to hourly-paid employees.

In similar notable PARRIS class action case results, PARRIS obtained a $135 Million settlement against a major insurance company, as well as another $33 Million class action settlement against another insurance company on behalf of claims adjusters.

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