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Head-On Car Collision Settlement

PARRIS obtained a $7.65 Million settlement on behalf of a 31-year old father of four who suffered severe injuries when he was hit head-on by a drunk driver.

The drunk driver was driving home from Las Vegas, completely naked, with a BAC of .23, testing positive for opiates and amphetamines. He admitted to being the sole cause of the collision. He crossed four lanes of traffic and hit our client head-on.

Our client suffered a fractured pelvis, right arm, and ribs, and four herniated spinal disks. After the accident he underwent emergency surgery for his hip fracture as well as a spinal fusion surgery.

Before the car accident, our client worked a physically intense job as a plumber. He enjoyed working with his family business that also included his father, brother, and cousins. Unfortunately, as a result of this tragic accident, he is now unable to work as a plumber, and continues to suffer from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, and must use a cane or walker for the rest of life in order to walk.

Other notable PARRIS drunk driving car accident results include a $21 Million verdict on behalf of three family members hit by a drunk driver, and a $6.5 Million settlement on behalf of a woman hit by a drunk driver.

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