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Construction Worker Personal Injury – Santa Clarita, CA

PARRIS obtained a $5,450,000 settlement on behalf of a construction worker injured in a traffic accident.

Our client was a construction worker.  His job was to dig and replace manhole covers on city streets. He was severely injured in a traffic accident while on the job. Our client’s employer told him to replace a manhole cover in the middle of a busy intersection. A general contractor on his worksite was simultaneously performing roadway repairs and had closed down another lane of the street, resulting in two lanes closed. The general contractor had no traffic control plans, no flagmen to control traffic, and did not reduce the speed limit on the road.

This lack of traffic controls caused a major traffic accident while the our client was working. A car careened out of control and hit him, pinning him against a work truck. Our client suffered severe injuries. The doctors were able to save our client’s life, but his left leg was amputated twice. The first amputation was below the knee in an attempt to save his knee. Doctors later determined that due to infection they had to perform a second surgery to remove the knee and part of his upper leg.

Our client was in the hospital for months, experienced incredible pain during his recovery and nearly lost his life several times. His family struggled without a source of income.

PARRIS worked the case up for trial.  After years of litigation, the case settled the day before a jury trial was set to begin.  This settlement will allow our client and his family to restore their lives after this tragic accident.

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