$5 Million Class Action Settlement Against A Dairy Producer
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Class Action Settlement Against A Dairy Producer

PARRIS obtained a $5 Million class action settlement on behalf of hourly-paid employees who worked for a producer of dairy products.

The hourly-paid employees’ primary job duties were to receive milk by unloading milk trucks, taking milk samples, checking zip tie tags, and checking container valves. To perform this job, they were required to wear personal protective equipment that included rubber or steel toed boots, a uniform, hair net, gloves, goggles, earplugs, and a hard hat. The employees spent about 30 minutes before they clocked into work sanitizing and donning this equipment. They were not permitted to clock in for their shift until they were at their work station with all of their equipment on.

The employee break room was about a ten minute walk from their work station, so the employees were unable to take full meal and rest periods as they were also not allowed to take breaks in their work area.

Many of the employees typically worked a 12 hour shift, and these employees were not given a second meal period. California law requires that a second meal period be provided at the start of the 10th hour of work during an employee’s shift.

Other notable PARRIS donning and doffing class action settlement case results include at $7.8 Million settlement against a chicken processing plant, and a $6.75 Million settlement against an oil drilling company.

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