$135 Million Claims Adjusters Class Action Settlement
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Insurance Claims Adjusters Class Action Settlement

PARRIS recovered $135,000,000 for claims adjusters on a class action basis against one of the largest insurance companies in the United States.

The adjusters argued that they were misclassified as salaried workers, and that they should not have been paid on a salaried basis because the work tasks that they were performing were not tasks typically considered to be managerial duties under the law.

In paying the claims adjusters on a salaried basis, the insurance company failed to pay the claims adjusters overtime, and also failed to provide them with meal and rest breaks. PARRIS recovered wages and penalties for these employees in the amount of a $135,000,000 settlement.

PARRIS has been protecting employee rights for over 30 years, fighting large companies such as this insurer. In a similar case, PARRIS obtained a $33 Million settlement for Insurance Adjusters that worked for another major insurance company. Read more about employment law.

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