$33 Million Claims Adjuster Misclassification Settlement
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Claims Adjust Misclassification Class Action Settlement

PARRIS attorneys obtained a $33,000,000 settlement in this wage-and-hour misclassification class action on behalf of Claims Adjusters against an insurance agency that offers all types of personal insurance.

The misclassified claims adjusters did not perform any managerial or supervisory job duties during their work day. Rather, they were simply expected to adjust and appraise insurance claims. As a result of their misclassification as exempt and being paid on a salaried basis, these claims adjusters failed to receive the overtime wages and compensation for missed meal and rest periods to which they were legally entitled.

PARRIS lawyers have been fighting for employee rights for over 30 years. A similar notable case result that PARRIS obtained was a $135,000,000 class action settlement for Claims Adjusters against another giant corporate insurance company.

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