$5.5 Million Assault Personal Injury Settlement Against Bank
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Assault Personal Injury Settlement Against A Bank

PARRIS obtained a $5.5 Million personal injury settlement on behalf of a woman who was viciously attacked with an aluminum bat by a man while withdrawing money from a bank ATM that was just outside the front door of the bank branch. Our client’s skull was fractured, leaving her with severe mental, physical, and emotional injuries.

Our client alleged that the bank was at fault for the assault on the bank’s premises because the bank represented to her that the bank was safe and the bank failed to take reasonable measures to ensure her safety. Prior to attacking the victim, the assailant shattered several car windows and injured another victim. There were no bank employees or security guards at the location to protect the public at the time of the attack, or even anywhere within earshot.

The bank did not post a permanent security guard at a location from which the guard could observe the ATM or the bank’s front door. Additionally, the security guards that worked at the branch location were not provided with any weapons or a cell phone. In the event of an attack they were supposed to walk away from the attack and lock the bank doors, and call the police on the bank’s landline.

The bank knew that these ATMs posed a substantial risk to the public because there were several prior violent acts that had occurred at that branch location.  Even the security guards on duty at the time of those violent acts had complained about the dangerousness of the location to the bank. Under California law, businesses have a duty to customers to take reasonable precautions to protect them from potential criminal conduct. They are required to exercise reasonable care for customer safety and are liable for injuries resulting from failure to do so.

Another notable premises liability case result obtained by PARRIS includes a $9.225 Million settlement for a woman whose foot was crushed by an unstable table placed in the lobby of a luxury hotel.

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