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14 Freeway Accident Wrongful Death

PARRIS obtained a $1,600,000 wrongful death settlement on behalf of the heirs of a man who was killed in a car accident in Palmdale, California. His wife was also killed in the car accident. While their Jeep was stopped on the shoulder of the 14-freeway, they were rear-ended by the Defendant. The husband’s only remaining family was his five sisters, who were the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. 

The defense blamed our client’s relative (the husband) for pulling over and sticking out into the roadway, but PARRIS was able to discover facts showing that the defendant was at fault for the accident. The investigating officer even recommended that the Defendant be charged with vehicular manslaughter based on his own description of the accident. He was an on-duty security guard who was driving in between inspection jobs. He admitted he was driving approximately 75-78 mph in the far-right lane, and claimed that he did not see the victim’s vehicle until the moment of impact.

After the Defendant rear-ended the car of the victims, they were both thrown from the vehicle, their bodies landing in the dirt shoulder of the freeway.  Sadly, the husband and wife never regained consciousness before they died, so they were unable to provide their account of what happened during the accident.

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