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Product Liability Lawyers

Although there are government agencies devoted to protecting consumers from dangerous or defective products, every year a number of potentially harmful products are put on the market. These products cause hundreds of thousands of injuries annually.

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A defective steering wheel like this one would require a product liability lawyer or a defective product lawyer.

Product Liability Is Serious

Although there are multiple government agencies devoted to protecting consumers from dangerous or defective products, every year a number of potentially harmful products are put on the market. These defective products cause hundreds of thousands of injuries annually, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Those who have been injured by defective products do have the option of legal action, however. A product liability lawsuit can be filed against the manufacturer to recover damages if the victim can prove that proper usage of the product caused an injury. At PARRIS in Lancaster, CA, a product liability or defective product lawyer can help Southern California residents file a lawsuit and gain compensation for their suffering.

Types of Products Liability Cases:

  • Automotive Defects
  • Energy Drinks
  • Manufacturing Defects
  • Failure to Provide Adequate Warnings
  • Design Defects


Many goods, from car tires to prescription drugs and breast implants, have caused harm to consumers and been deemed defective products. A defective product is defined as one that, through normal, as-directed usage, is likely to cause an injury to the consumer. Vague or confusing directions, a lack of warning labels, flaws in design or manufacture, or misrepresentation of a product’s safety may all be grounds for a product liability lawsuit. If a person is using an obviously, inherently dangerous item and is injured, however, he or she may not have a case. For example, cutting oneself with a knife on accident would not be grounds for a defective product case. If the knife were to break, though, and cause a cut, the victim would have grounds to go to court. Our practice located in Lancaster can help file a defective product liability lawsuit. A lawyer from our firm serving Santa Clarita, Palmdale, and surrounding communities can help victims navigate this confusing area of law.


A product may be said to be defective because of its design, manufacturing, or its presentation. A faulty design can result in weak points and other dangerous flaws, even for something that is well-manufactured, while poor manufacturing may make a well-designed product unsafe. Misrepresentation of a product refers to how the product is described and advertised—if the company portrays the product as different or safer than it actually is, victims may be able to file a product liability lawsuit. One example of this might be a pool toy presented as a lifesaving device that cannot actually fulfill that function, which could cause a hazardous situation.

Recently there have been reports of people experiencing side effects such as heart abnormalities and in extreme cases death due to consuming energy drinks. The product liability lawyers at PARRIS are highly experienced in this area and want to help those who have suffered due to this dangerous product.

In many cases, products are poorly designed or manufactured because of efforts to shave production costs and maximize profits, and they may be misrepresented to boost sales. Many companies also don’t commit the resources needed for adequate testing before releasing a product to the public. This focus on profit has led to countless injuries from various products. If you have been injured by a defective product, contact PARRIS in Lancaster to file a defective product liability lawsuit. A lawyer from our office serving Palmdale and Santa Clarita can help ensure that victims receive the compensation they are owed.


Because of the very nature of automobiles, any manufacturing or design defects can cause life-threatening situations. The complex nature of modern cars, trucks, and motorcycles, furthermore, makes it so that there are many parts that can fail. Although automakers perform numerous tests before they release vehicles to the public, these tests sometimes do not catch potentially hazardous glitches. Some automotive defects uncovered in the past few years include:

  • Tire blowout
  • High incidence of rollover
  • Seatbelt failure
  • Brake failure
  • Airbag malfunction
  • Fuel system defects
  • Steering failure

Any of these could cause an accident or compromise the vehicle’s safety in a crash. If it can be shown that a design or manufacturing flaw caused an accident, the victim may be eligible to receive compensation for any injuries or trauma suffered as a result. Automotive defect cases are usually tried under the same laws as suits involving other defective products, and in many cases, victims are eligible to file a class action lawsuit. Our firm has successfully represented hundreds of victims in defective product cases, and a product liability lawyer from our firm near Palmdale and Santa Clarita can help clients gain compensation for any injuries sustained.


If you’ve been injured as the result of a faulty auto part or other defective product, a product liability lawyer from our office serving Palmdale, Santa Clarita, and Antelope Valley can help. PARRIS has spent more than 35 years practicing law, and we have won more than $1.4 billion for our clients over the years. A lawyer from our office will represent you through the entire legal process—contact PARRIS today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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