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In California, pedestrians are given the right of way in specific laws that motor vehicle drivers must follow. If you or a loved one has been a victim of a pedestrian accident, call PARRIS. Our lawyers will fight relentlessly for you.

Pedestrian Accident

Los Angeles County is one of the most dangerous places in California to be a pedestrian. As a result of increased distracted driving, smartphone use, reckless driving, and sleep deprived drivers, pedestrian accidents occur frequently and are oftentimes catastrophic or deadly. Walking at night is especially risky, as the majority of pedestrian fatalities happen at night, dawn, or dusk, when it is more difficult for drivers to see.


Pursuant to the California Vehicle Code, drivers must follow specific laws with regards to the right of way of pedestrians. Some of the laws that drivers must follow include:

  • Stopping their vehicle outside of a crosswalk when driving
  • Yielding to pedestrian right-of-way when a pedestrian is crossing the road in any marked or unmarked crosswalk at an intersection
  • Not passing another vehicle stopped at a crosswalk
  • Not driving on a sidewalk unless exiting a garage or alleyway, while yielding to pedestrians
  • Exercising due care to avoid hitting a person, even if they are jaywalking


Determining fault after a pedestrian accident will require gathering witness and police statements on the speed of the driver and the actions of both the driver and the pedestrian, and surveying the scene to note any signs, sidewalks, crosswalks, and traffic signals. An injured pedestrian should seek immediate medical attention after an accident even if they don’t believe they are injured because injuries can present themselves later after the initial shock of the accident has worn off. Insurance companies will often attempt to minimize injuries by arguing that because medical treatment was delayed, the injuries must not have been serious.


If you or a loved one has been a victim of a pedestrian accident, contact PARRIS attorneys as soon as possible. There is a legal deadline that a pedestrian accident lawsuit must be filed by, and the sooner PARRIS opens an investigation into your case, the more evidence will likely be preserved to support your case. Contact PARRIS for a free and confidential accident consultation. You will pay no fees until we win your pedestrian accident case and obtain you the recovery that you deserve.

Notable PARRIS pedestrian accident case results include a $5 Million settlement on behalf of a minor who was hit by a car while walking her dog.

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