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Environmental laws can cover many topics, including the protection of air quality, water quality, waste and contaminant management, chemical usage, and more.

Illegal discharge of toxic chemicals is destroying our water, air, and food. Environmental pollution may occur over an extended period such as through the constant injection of toxic waste into our groundwater, or swiftly and catastrophically such as through gas well blowouts, oil spills, wildfires sparked by an electrical failure, or other disasters at industrial facilities.

PARRIS lawyers are dedicated to protecting our most precious resources and handle cases involving water contamination, soil contamination, air contamination, wildfires, the Safe Drinking Water Act, and the California Environmental Quality Act.

Established in 1985, PARRIS Law Firm possesses the expertise and financial resources to thoroughly investigate environmental cases and hold the offending parties accountable. We represent individuals, farmers, and other property and business owners and protect the environment from those who look to profit from the earth’s precious resources.

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