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business insurance coronavirus

Business Owners: Insurance May Cover Your COVID-19 Losses

Business Losses From COVID-19 Shutdown If your business has suffered losses due to a COVID-19 shutdown, you may have insurance coverage that will compensate you …

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families first federal coronavirus relief act

Learn More About Federal Coronavirus Relief

The federal government passed an emergency coronavirus relief package to help support families and workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve summarized some of what’s …

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slowing the spread of coronavirus

Resources: Slowing the Spread of Coronavirus

This is an unprecedented time in our lives, and we must all do our part to slow the Coronavirus pandemic. Everyone is encouraged to be …

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worker benefits for coronavirus

California Benefits for Workers Affected By Coronavirus

Workers in California are wondering what assistance is available to them if they are unable to work as a result of the Coronavirus. We highly …

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Salaried Worker

Salaried Workers: Make Sure You’re Getting Paid Correctly

Many salaried workers in California are not getting paid all the wages they deserve. This happens when they are “misclassified” as “exempt employees,” and are …

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2020 new laws

2020: New Year, New Laws

This year, hundreds of new laws take effect in California. We’ve highlighted just a few of these laws. For an in-depth review of the changes …

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