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A man reporting for work in California.

Reporting Time Pay in California, Explained

Did you know that if you show up to your regularly scheduled shift at work and get sent home early, …

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New employment laws in California in 2022

California’s New Employment Laws for 2022: What is Changing?

California’s New Employment Laws – 2022 In 2021, Governor Newsom signed hundreds of new laws, most of which take effect …

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Under CA law, mechanics like this one must be paid overtime according to their regular rate of pay.

How to Calculate the Regular Rate of Pay in California

PARRIS lawyers explain the difference between the regular rate of pay and base rate of pay in California—and how it affects overtime and meal/rest break premiums.

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LA City Worker Rehire

Do I Have A Right to Be Rehired in California? (2021 Update)

If you’ve been laid off due to COVID-19, you may wonder if you have a right to be rehired as …

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los angeles county minimum wage

LA County Minimum Wage vs. CA State Minimum Wage

LA County Minimum Wage Is Different than the California State Minimum Wage Did you know that the minimum wage for …

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Unemployment benefits extension

California Unemployment Extension – CARES Act

If your California unemployment benefits are ending soon, an extension may be available through federal funds. The federal CARES Act …

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Workers' Compensation and COVID-19

It’s Now Easier For Employees With COVID-19 To Receive Workers’ Compensation

California has made it easier for employees who contract COVID-19 at work to receive workers’ compensation benefits for their illness. …

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pandemic unemployment assistance

California Pandemic Relief for Gig Workers: What You Need To Know

The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance Program (PUA Benefits) in California provides pandemic relief for gig workers in California.

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worker benefits for coronavirus

California Benefits for Workers Affected by Coronavirus

Workers in California are wondering what assistance is available to them if they are unable to work as a result …

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fees to cash paycheck

Paying Fees To Cash Your Paycheck? Stop Now.

CA Law: Cashing Your Paycheck Without Fees California labor laws protect employees in more ways than one. A law that …

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