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California Prop 22 was ruled unconstitutional. What's next for app-based drivers?

California Prop. 22 Ruled Unconstitutional: What’s Next for App-Based Drivers?

On August 20, 2021, a California judge ruled the controversial rideshare law, Prop. 22, unconstitutional. Applicable to gig workers, this could impact your earnings. If …

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Prop 22 gives gig workers limited rights.

Prop. 22 Passed. What’s Next for Gig Workers?

Independent contractor rights have been a hot topic recently. With a global pandemic and historic job losses, many individuals were forced to take on gig …

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Pay stub requirements in California

California Pay Stub Requirements: Is Yours Compliant?

California law requires specific information to be included on your pay stub (or wage statement) so that you have an accurate understanding of how your …

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Food Production Worker

Leprino Food Production Workers Sue Over CA Lunch Break Law Violations

A judge ruled that 1,400 hourly-paid food production workers for Leprino Foods will move forward together in their lawsuit against the world’s largest mozzarella cheese …

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minimum wage worker los angeles county covid

California Minimum Wage in the Time of COVID-19

It is important to make sure that you receive the minimum wage for your work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many employers are laying off workers …

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Salaried Worker

Salaried Workers: Avoid Employee Misclassification, Get Paid Correctly

The Basics of Employee Misclassification Many salaried workers in California are not getting paid all the wages they deserve. This happens when they are misclassified …

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Updates to California Labor Laws

2020: Changes To California Labor Laws

Happy New Year! California has made several changes to its labor laws that go into effect on January 1, 2020. Here are a few that …

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amazon mechanical turk worker

Are You An Amazon Mechanical Turk Worker? You Deserve Benefits.

MTurk Worker Rights As an Amazon Mechanical Turk worker, are you getting paid for every minute that you work? Are you making, at the very …

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Opoli drivers should be paid for every minute of work

Opoli Drivers: Fight For Your Rights

Get Paid Correctly As An Opoli Driver As a rideshare driver for Opoli, are you tired of never knowing what you’ll be paid for your …

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mystery shoppers should be paid for their work

Mystery Shopper? Get Paid as an Employee.

What is a Mystery Shopper? Mystery shoppers, also known as secret shoppers, are regular consumers paid to shop in stores and collect data for third-party …

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