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Alex joined the Parris Law Firm two years out of law school in 2007 and he was made partner at the firm in 2012. Alex has a diverse practice, including Personal Injury and Wrongful Death, Insurance Bad Faith, and Class Action litigation. Alex has been a Southern California Super Lawyer since 2019 and was a “Rising Star” from 2012 to 2018. Alex has achieved seven- and eight-figure jury trial verdicts. Courts all over the country have appointed Alex as Lead Class Counsel in class action cases. All told, Alex has obtained over $500 million in verdicts and settlements for PARRIS clients. Alex speaks frequently to large groups of lawyers at Continuing Legal Education seminars throughout the country.  He speaks on taking effective and trial-focused depositions, all aspects of trial practice and – using and applying what he has learned from firm founder R. Rex Parris – applying cognitive science to the creative practice of law. Alex is on the Board of Advisors at Pepperdine University School of Law and was a faculty member at the Law School, where he taught “Advanced Trial Practice.”

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  • Juris Doctorate Degree – Pepperdine Law School (2005)
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree – University of Wisconsin-Madison (2000)

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  • State Bar of California
  • United States Supreme Court
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
  • United States Court of Federal Claims
  • United States District Court for the Central District of California
  • United States District Court for the Northern District of California
  • United States District Court for the Eastern District of California

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  • Super Lawyers Southern California (2019 – 2023)
  • Super Lawyers Southern California Rising Star (2012-2018)
  • Pepperdine Law School’s Young Distinguished Alumni Award (2018)
  • AV Trial Lawyer of the Year (2009 & 2014)

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Consumer Attorneys of California Annual Conference

  • Speaker – Focus Grouping Cases


Consumer Attorneys of California Palm Springs Annual Conference

  • Speaker – Providing Up Unique Emotional Injuries


Minnesota Trial Lawyers Association

  • Speaker – Persuading Juries (2019)


San Joaquin Trial Lawyers Association:

  • Speaker – Framing and Reframing Your Case Narrative (2018)


Pepperdine Law School Graduation:

  • Speaker – Young Distinguished Alumni Acceptance (2018)


New Jersey Association for Justice Annual Seminar:

  • Speaker – Persuasive Trial Techniques (2017)


Southern California Trial Lawyers Conference:

  • Speaker – Framing Persuasive Case Themes (2017)


Illinois Trial Lawyers Conference – Cognitive Science and Behavioral Economics in the Courtroom:

  • Event Chair (2016)
  • Framing (And Re-Framing) The Narrative (2016)
  • In the Line of Fire (2016)
  • Linguistic Programming for Lawyers (2016)


Bridgeport Consumer Class Action Litigation Conference:

  • Speaker – Mastering the Deposition (2017)
  • Speaker – What Makes Jurors Tick? (2017)
  • Event Chair (2016)
  • Speaker – Ascertaining Ascertainability (2015)
  • Speaker – Busting Through Arbitration Agreements (2015)
  • Speaker – Discovery Strategies in Class Action: When Less is More and When it Isn’t (2015)
  • Speaker – Perfecting Depositions (2019)
  • Speaker – Outside the Box Persuasion Techniques (2019)


Consumer Attorneys Association Seminars (CAOC):

  • Speaker – Persuasion Techniques For Your First Trial (2017)
  • Speaker – Understanding Verbal and Non-Verbal Juror Responses (2015)
  • Speaker – Mediation isn’t Neutral, Using Mediation to Persuade the Mediator, the Defense, Your Clients, and Yourself (2015)
  • Speaker – The Art of the Persuasion (2015)
  • Speaker – Scalia’s Glue: Finding and Developing Key Certification Evidence (2014)
  • Speaker – Using Social Media to Market Your Practice (2013)
  • Speaker – Law Office Management (2013)
  • Speaker – In The Line Of Fire: Framing, Crafting And Responding To Explosive Questions (2011)
  • Speaker – Click – Establishing Instant Connections (2010)
  • Speaker – Conversational Hypnosis (2009)
  • Speaker – The Growth Mindset Lawyer (2008)


Los Angeles County Bar Association:

  • Speaker – Nuts & Bolts of Employment Class Actions (2013)


OC Trial Lawyers Association:

  • Speaker – Creating Rapport (2012)


Kern County Chamber of Commerce Annual Employment Law Seminar:

  • Speaker – Missteps in Employment Litigation (2011)

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  • Lee v. West Kern Water District (2016) 5 Cal.App.5th 606
  • Ruiz v. Moss Bros. Auto Group (2014) 232 Cal.App.4th 839
  • Jimenez v. Allstate Ins. Co., 765 F.3d 1161 (9th Cir. 2014)
  • Farmers Ins. Exchange v. Superior Court (2013) 218 Cal.App.4th 96
  • Compton v. Superior Court (2013) 214 Cal.App.4th873
  • Bonnel v. Best Buy Stores, L.P., 881 F.Supp.2d 1164 (N.D. Cal. 2012)
  • Avalos v. Foster Poultry Farms, 789 F.Supp.2d 1156 (E.D. Cal. 2011)
  • Catsouras v. California Dept. of Highway Patrol (2010) 181 Cal.App.4th 856
  • Brown v. Electronic Arts, Inc., 722 F.Supp.2d 1148 (C.D. Cal. 2010)
  • Whalen v. United States, 93 Fed.Cl. 579 (2010)
  • Whalen v. United States, 85 Fed.Cl. 380 (2009)

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Notable victories:

  • In April of 2018, Mr. Parris and Mr. Wheeler obtained a jury verdict of $41,634,170 in an automobile car crash case. After the trial, the defendant’s insurance company agreed to pay the entire verdict. Our client was severely injured, and the jury’s verdict provided enough money to ensure he’ll be taken care of for life.
  • In June of 2015, Mr. Wheeler obtained in Los Angeles Superior Court a jury verdict of $20.9 million on behalf of three of his clients that were injured in a head-on car crash.
  • Trial counsel, with R. Rex Parris, on Marciano v. Fahs, which resulted in $370,000,000 jury verdict – the largest verdict in the United States in 2009.
  • Served as Lead Class Counsel in wage-and-hour class action against a large public utility company, which settled for $29,000,000.
  • Obtained a post-jury verdict settlement of $10,500,000 in a personal injury case against DHL Express, USA.
  • Served as Lead Class Counsel in dozens of wage-and-hour and consumer class actions that have settled for $1,000,000 and higher.
  • Currently representing putative class members in pending wage-and-hour and consumer class action cases all over California and the United States.

Other verdicts and settlements:

  • $148,000,000 jury verdict in an emotional distress and defamation case
  • $41,600,000 jury verdict in a personal injury case
  • $29,500,000 settlement in a wage and hour class action
  • $21,000,000 jury verdict in a personal injury case
  • $15,000,000 settlement in a wage and hour class action
  • $10,600,000 settlement in a personal injury case
  • $10,500,000 settlement in a personal injury case
  • $7,809,600 settlement in a wage and hour class action
  • $7,750,000 settlement in a personal injury case
  • $7,000,000 settlement in a wage and hour class action
  • $5,625,000 settlement in a wage and hour class action
  • $5,450,000 settlement in a personal injury case
  • $4,000,000 settlement in a wrongful death case
  • A dozen other 7-figure results in both personal injury, wrongful death, and class action cases.

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