PARRIS personal injury attorneys fight like the lion


“From the day we started, we’ve known that injured victims desperately need great lawyers to represent them. Without that, they can’t restore the balance in their family. That is why I have committed my life to helping people overcome the physical and financial burdens that result from an accident.” – R. Rex Parris


PARRIS was founded in 1985 by the esteemed trial lawyer R. Rex Parris. Rex experienced firsthand what happens to a family when a loved one is injured through someone else’s negligence after his father lost his leg in a motorcycle accident due to another person’s negligent driving.


Our attorneys at PARRIS have over a 99% success rate and have recovered more than $1.9 billion in verdicts and settlements since 1985. We utilize the latest audio-visual technology in trial, study jury psychology, and have built a courtroom at our office to prepare for your trial. We have the resources, experience, and success record to handle even the most complex cases, with exceptional results.

PARRIS isn’t just a powerhouse law firm that wins. It is also a compassionate group of people who are dedicated to providing excellent client care with a personalized legal approach to how each case is handled.




At PARRIS, you hire an entire team that includes several experienced attorneys, a litigation support staff, a case manager, an assistant case manager, a field representative, a client-care coordinator, and more.


Pre-Litigation Phase

Your attorney and case manager will gather evidence such as medical records, witness statements, reports, and more while attempting settlement of your case through mediation or arbitration.


Litigation Phase

Your case will be filed in the court system. Your attorney will take depositions, hire experts to perform accident reconstruction and provide medical opinions, and continue negotiating a settlement. You always have the final say on whether or not to settle.


Trial Phase

If your case does not settle before trial, our seasoned attorneys will expertly present your case before a jury at trial. If successful, the jury will enter a verdict which sets the dollar amount you are owed.

Parris Cares

PARRIS is committed to serving the community with more than just legal services. PARRIS Cares was created with the mission to make a positive difference in the Antelope Valley by working with local organizations to improve the safety, education, and health of all residents.