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What To Do After A Car Accident

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You may wonder why you should hire a lawyer after a car accident. After all, the insurance adjuster investigating the accident may seem friendly and helpful. Some people even think they can save by not having to pay a lawyer if they try to negotiate a settlement themselves.

At PARRIS, we don’t recommend trying to do a settlement on your own because insurance companies are not on your side. The less money they pay you, the more money the insurance company can save for themselves. By hiring an experienced law firm like PARRIS, the insurance company will know you are fighting for the maximum value of your claim.

Common Tricks the Insurance Company Uses

There are many tactics that insurance companies use to limit or prevent your claims. They may:

  • give you a low-ball offer knowing you don’t have a lawyer.
  • wrongly argue that your type of accident, car damage, or injuries are not covered under the insurance policy.
  • claim you were at fault for the accident when you were not.
  • argue that your injuries are not as bad as you say they are.
  • refuse to investigate your claim.
  • provide you with misleading information regarding the claims process.
  • unreasonably delay processing your claim.
  • unreasonably delay paying out on your claim.

Insurance companies know you have medical costs and other expenses that you have to pay after an accident. When they delay your claims, they hope that you will give in and take a lower settlement just to be able to pay your bills.

Some insurance companies also have different departments of insurance adjusters – one for people who have attorneys, and one for people who do not have attorneys. They know when you are unrepresented and take advantage of that weakness by treating your claim differently than those of people who are represented by attorneys.

How Hiring a Personal Lawyer Can Help After A Car Accident

Insurance policies are complicated contracts. PARRIS lawyers frequently deal with insurance issues, and will be able to tell you what really is covered under an insurance policy.

Furthermore, an insurance company that is acting in bad faith, or using the tricky tactics we mentioned above to limit your coverage, may be responsible for more than their insurance limits. This means that if you or the person that hurt you had $25,000 in insurance policy coverage, but the insurance company acted in bad faith, you could recover as much compensation as a jury awards you, without limits. This financial difference can change your life and your recovery.

Experienced attorneys know how to prove who is at fault in an accident since they will hire expert witnesses to perform an accident reconstruction, examine the scene and photographs, and gather evidence from law enforcement and other witnesses. Your attorney is on your side and fighting for you, but the insurance company is doing what it can to fight against your claims and place fault on you.

PARRIS personal injury attorneys also deal with bodily injury and vehicle damage on a daily basis. They understand all the ways you should be compensated for your losses through medical care, pain and suffering, lost wages, property damage, and more. Again, the insurance company will try to minimize your suffering and injuries, so that they can pay you less on your claim.

PARRIS Will Fight Insurance For You

After a car accident, your recovery takes priority. Fighting with the insurance company alone during a difficult and emotional time can only make things more stressful. Call PARRIS and our attorneys will battle the insurance company for you.

Some of our notable insurance bad faith case results include a $41.6 Million verdict in a car accident case in which the insurance policy limit was $25,000. The insurance company paid the entire $41.6 Million jury verdict. Another notable result was a $21 Million car accident verdict recovered on an insurance policy limit of just $30,000.

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