Hit By An Uninsured Driver? You May Still Have A Recovery

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Hit By An Uninsured Driver? You May Still Have A Recovery

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Uninsured Motorists Coverage

Car accidents are incredibly stressful, and learning that the driver who hit you doesn’t have car insurance can make the situation even worse. The Insurance Research Council estimates that around one of every six drivers in California is uninsured!

This is why people protect themselves against uninsured drivers by getting uninsured motorists coverage (UM) and underinsured motorists coverage (UIM) added to their insurance policy. This type of insurance coverage is generally inexpensive and easy to get, and can  sometimes even provide victims of hit and runs with compensation.

An uninsured driver might not obtain car insurance because they don’t have the money for it, or their vehicles are in such bad condition that the insurance company refuses to insure the vehicle. Either way, when an uninsured driver hits someone, it can be extremely difficult to recover compensation from them. They are also acting illegally since California law requires that drivers have minimum liability insurance coverage for $15,000 in injuries to a single person, $30,000 for injuries to all people in an accident, and $5,000 for property damage.

The Difference Between UM and UIM Coverage

What’s the difference between UM and UIM? UM coverage is used when the other driver has no insurance and UIM coverage is used when the other driver has insurance, but it is not enough to cover damages, bills, and expenses after an accident. The UIM coverage will pay the difference between what the at-fault driver’s insurance will cover, up to the limits of your own UIM coverage.

Many states in the US require their residents to obtain uninsured motorists coverage, but it is not a requirement in California.

Call PARRIS Injury Attorneys

Do you have UM and UIM coverage and need help filing a claim?  Both UM and UIM cases are brought directly against your own insurance company, and are almost always handled through arbitration instead of in court.  Insurance companies may try to avoid paying claims, or try to pay much less than a claim is worth even when you have this coverage, so contact our experienced injury attorneys for help navigating the insurance claims process.

We’ve even hired former insurance adjusters to join our team, so we are experts at knowing the insurance industry inside and out. Call (661) 485-2072 to start your free case consultation today. You pay no fees until we win. Together we can hold insurance companies accountable for the compensation you are owed after an accident.

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